MBSW 2009: Share the vision – become part of the team!

Friends & Colleagues:

Many of you are aware that despite my retirement this year from the administration of Cal State Fullerton, I have still continued to teach history courses at both Cal State Fullerton, Irvine Campus and at Biola University. My love of teaching and for the learning student has been the impetus for directing my time & efforts this way (plus I stay out of my wife’s way during the day).

Along with teaching, my other interest over the years has been biblical studies, in scholarship, translation and teaching. This has led me to begin the development of a plan for a vision I’ve had for many years – The Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings. A group of colleagues and I have begun this project in Irvine, down the street from the entrance of the Orange County Great Park on the former El Toro Marine Base.

The Museum’s historical scope of sacred writings will be from the beginning of writing through various ancient religious systems, including those of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Museum will include:

  • A Research Center for Archaeological and Historical Studies
  • A Museum of Ancient Writings and Inscriptions
  • A Museum of Biblical Archaeology
  • A Learning Center for the study of Ancient Writings
  • HistoryOnTheMove Study Tours

As you can see from the architectural sketches, plans are under way to locate the Museum Building on 4½ acres near the entrance of the Great Park. Interested donors have contributed about $40,000 during 2008 to make possible the set-up of offices, initial planning, and part-time staff to help the Museum become a reality. This 25 million dollar building project (land and facilities) will be in the midst of other educational institutions as a part of the Great Parks Neighborhoods Academy Learning Village.

During the year of 2009 we have set an annual budget of $150,000 to continue the development of the fund raising program and the architectural plans for the Museum. We need your help to meet our $150,000 goal. Would you consider a gift toward helping the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings become a reality?

Many thanks,

George Giacumakis


To make a donation to the Museum, please make out your check to “MBSW” and send it to:


PO Box 333

E.Irvine, CA 92650


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