MBSW Board of Directors

Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings Board of Directors

2008 – 2009

1.  Mr. Al Farr – Founder, Time Traveler Seals

2.  Dr. George Giacumakis – Director Emeritus and Professor of History, Cal State University Fullerton, Irvine Campus

3.  Mr. Jim Griffith – President Wordsmith Publishing, Editor, Sacred History Magazine

4.  Mr. Ken Kemp – Co-director, History on the Move Study Tours

5.  Pastor Scott Moffatt – Professor of History, Fullerton College

6. Dr. Stuart Orr – President & CEO, Connect 2 Need Non – Profit Software Company

7. Dr. Rick Pullen – Dean of College of Communications, California State University, Fullerton

8. Mr. Paul Rood – Professor of History, Biola University

9. Dr. William P. Welty – Director, ISV Foundation

10. Mr. Michael A. Miniaci – Supervising Park Ranger: Harbors, Beaches & Parks, County of Orange, California


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