Welcome to the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings

The Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings (MBSW) is a non-profit organization focusing in the following areas of study and research:


  •  A Research Center for Historical Studies
  • A Research Center for Archaeological Studies
  • A Museum of Biblical Archaeology
  • A Museum of Ancient Writings
  • A Learning Center for Ancient Writings
  • HistoryOnTheMove Study Tours


The Mission & Purpose of MBSW is to provide for a public museum, a research center for scholars, and an educational facility for students to pursue the study of ancient historical texts, archaeological artifacts and ancient writings.  MBSW sponsors archaeological research along with projects in the Mediterranean, Asian and African areas of the world.  We are currently developing a collection of artifacts and archaeological displays for public viewing.  These collections and inscriptions will aslo serve as the object of study by students of all educational levels through the Learning Center.

 With its focus on ancient biblical and sacred writings, MBSW sponsors lecture series throughout the year wherein scholars are invited to present their latest research on ancient inscriptions or other archaeological artifacts.

MBSW is in development of a user-friendly, public facility in Irvine’s Great Park which will contain space for these areas of display and study.  Permanent facilities will provide developmental space for:

  •  Display Rooms for archaeological artifacts and ancient historical documents, with accompanying work study, classroom & research areas.
  • Office space to engage in research projects sponsored by the MBSW.
  • Office space for HistoryOnTheMove Study Tours to every continent of the globe, with history specialists teaching along the way. 
  • Office space for organizing & funding archaeological digs, projects and programs.
  • Lecture series for invited scholars to present to the public the latest finds in regards to their research.
  • A Learning Center classroom/workroom for students to engage in hands-on learning with the use of ancient artifacts.
  • Office space for other MBSW related organizations.

Several suites have been leased in Building 1 (#7166) at 7290 Trabuco Canyon Road, Irvine, California 92618, (949) 786-0033 (former El Toro Marine Base in Irvine), Suite 117: Main Office.  During 2009 the following will take place through these temporary offices:

  •  Set up a Research Library for print and electronic resources.
  • Establish a series of historical & archaeological lectures.
  • Develop plans for a permanent museum facility.
  • Work closely with and submit plans to Lennar/LNR Properties & the City of Irvine.
  • A fundraising plan to be presented to interested individuals, foundations, investors and developers in order to bring MBSW to its larger and more permanent reality.

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