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We Have Joined Twitter!

We will be using Twitter to update more frequently on the happenings of the Museum. Please follow us!

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New Website Launched

The Museum has launched our new Website:

If it brings you back to the blog page, or to the old website, you may have to reset your browser history.

We have a lot of exciting events happening this year, so please look at the Event page to mark your calendar!

Special Announcement


Greetings Friends of the Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings

We are very pleased to announce some exciting forthcoming events in October. The Museum is breaking new ground, and we wanted to bring you an update with the latest happenings.


We are delighted to announce that the Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings will be the first Museum in the US and Canada to have use of, through a special donation, facsimiles of six of the Dead Sea Scrolls. They have been purchased for $65,000 by concerned individuals and placed on permanent loan to the Museum.


Mark your calendar for the evening of October 17 for an exciting presentation and fundraiser at the Orange County Great Park. We will be publicly announcing the acquisition of and displaying, for the first time, the Dead Sea Scroll Facsimiles. One of the purposes of the evening is to raise awareness of the Museum Facilities and Collections. There will be a cost to attend the event of $60.00 per person. Please consider joining us from 5:00 to 8:30 PM in the newly refurbished Hangar 244 on the former El Toro Marine Base. This will be a unique chance to view the Dead Sea Scrolls in facsimile in an up-close and intimate setting.


Also consider joining us earlier that day for our annual Museum Fall Lecture Series. This year’s presentation, Writings From the Ancient World, will be held on Saturday October 17, from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM, at Cal State Fullerton, Irvine Campus. Five specialists will discuss various ancient inscriptions and their historical implications. We have some very distinguished lecturers scheduled to present, so you would not want to miss this great opportunity. (No cost to attend).

The lecture titles are as follows:

  1. Ancient Near East Writings: The Origins of the Star of David
  2. Hebrew Writings: The Great Isaiah Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  3. Ancient Near East Writings: The Origins of Monotheism
  4. 4. Egyptian Coptic Writings: The Spiritual Life of a Scribe: Writings About a Coptic Monk
  5. Persian Writings: On Zoroastrian Scriptures

We are very excited for these forthcoming events, and we encourage you to learn more about the Facsimiles Online and to Visit Our Website

To RSVP for either event, please call the Museum Office at: (949) 786-0033.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


George Giacumakis


Dr. Ted Proffitt’s Lecture, Spring 2009 MBSW Lecture

Welcome to the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings

The Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings (MBSW) is a non-profit organization focusing in the following areas of study and research:


  •  A Research Center for Historical Studies
  • A Research Center for Archaeological Studies
  • A Museum of Biblical Archaeology
  • A Museum of Ancient Writings
  • A Learning Center for Ancient Writings
  • HistoryOnTheMove Study Tours


The Mission & Purpose of MBSW is to provide for a public museum, a research center for scholars, and an educational facility for students to pursue the study of ancient historical texts, archaeological artifacts and ancient writings.  MBSW sponsors archaeological research along with projects in the Mediterranean, Asian and African areas of the world.  We are currently developing a collection of artifacts and archaeological displays for public viewing.  These collections and inscriptions will aslo serve as the object of study by students of all educational levels through the Learning Center.

 With its focus on ancient biblical and sacred writings, MBSW sponsors lecture series throughout the year wherein scholars are invited to present their latest research on ancient inscriptions or other archaeological artifacts.

MBSW is in development of a user-friendly, public facility in Irvine’s Great Park which will contain space for these areas of display and study.  Permanent facilities will provide developmental space for:

  •  Display Rooms for archaeological artifacts and ancient historical documents, with accompanying work study, classroom & research areas.
  • Office space to engage in research projects sponsored by the MBSW.
  • Office space for HistoryOnTheMove Study Tours to every continent of the globe, with history specialists teaching along the way. 
  • Office space for organizing & funding archaeological digs, projects and programs.
  • Lecture series for invited scholars to present to the public the latest finds in regards to their research.
  • A Learning Center classroom/workroom for students to engage in hands-on learning with the use of ancient artifacts.
  • Office space for other MBSW related organizations.

Several suites have been leased in Building 1 (#7166) at 7290 Trabuco Canyon Road, Irvine, California 92618, (949) 786-0033 (former El Toro Marine Base in Irvine), Suite 117: Main Office.  During 2009 the following will take place through these temporary offices:

  •  Set up a Research Library for print and electronic resources.
  • Establish a series of historical & archaeological lectures.
  • Develop plans for a permanent museum facility.
  • Work closely with and submit plans to Lennar/LNR Properties & the City of Irvine.
  • A fundraising plan to be presented to interested individuals, foundations, investors and developers in order to bring MBSW to its larger and more permanent reality.

MBSW 2009: Share the vision – become part of the team!

Friends & Colleagues:

Many of you are aware that despite my retirement this year from the administration of Cal State Fullerton, I have still continued to teach history courses at both Cal State Fullerton, Irvine Campus and at Biola University. My love of teaching and for the learning student has been the impetus for directing my time & efforts this way (plus I stay out of my wife’s way during the day).

Along with teaching, my other interest over the years has been biblical studies, in scholarship, translation and teaching. This has led me to begin the development of a plan for a vision I’ve had for many years – The Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings. A group of colleagues and I have begun this project in Irvine, down the street from the entrance of the Orange County Great Park on the former El Toro Marine Base.

The Museum’s historical scope of sacred writings will be from the beginning of writing through various ancient religious systems, including those of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Museum will include:

  • A Research Center for Archaeological and Historical Studies
  • A Museum of Ancient Writings and Inscriptions
  • A Museum of Biblical Archaeology
  • A Learning Center for the study of Ancient Writings
  • HistoryOnTheMove Study Tours

As you can see from the architectural sketches, plans are under way to locate the Museum Building on 4½ acres near the entrance of the Great Park. Interested donors have contributed about $40,000 during 2008 to make possible the set-up of offices, initial planning, and part-time staff to help the Museum become a reality. This 25 million dollar building project (land and facilities) will be in the midst of other educational institutions as a part of the Great Parks Neighborhoods Academy Learning Village.

During the year of 2009 we have set an annual budget of $150,000 to continue the development of the fund raising program and the architectural plans for the Museum. We need your help to meet our $150,000 goal. Would you consider a gift toward helping the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings become a reality?

Many thanks,

George Giacumakis


To make a donation to the Museum, please make out your check to “MBSW” and send it to:


PO Box 333

E.Irvine, CA 92650